About Us

Food professionals work really hard but rarely receive the appreciation they deserve. Pro-Culinary wants to help shine a light on your great food creations. With our facilities and expertise combined with your inspiration can let you really shine. Let us show you the way to bigger jobs, larger profits and greater appreciation.

The Team

Matthew Mccomas

Matthew Mccomas is an artist, experienced in food chemistry and a world class chef for some amazing restaurants Including Pico de Gallo, The Palomino Room, Trendy Pasta Company, and Au Jus.

Mike Cook

Economics teacher, and School Administrator is also an accomplished chef, and award winning BBQ Pit-master, experienced manager and proprietor of multiple restaurants.

Adam Temple

Long-time tech entreprenuer in the Fresno area, having founded Bixly.com, a long running software development firm.

George Temple

Experienced in Small business and startups, has created and sold multiple business including: